Cosmic Laws of Necessity (Vedic Rta/Rit)

Subject: Fw: For Seekers of Vedic Knowledge- Cosmic Laws of Necessity (Vedic Rta/Rit)

“Rtam, Satyam, Dharmmam”– Cosmic Laws (Rta) are eternal truths (Satyam) and following these Laws of Nature is Vedic Dharma
Rtam, Satyam, Vijnani” Rig Veda 1-75-5- knowing and finding out these Laws of Nature (Rta) is Knowledge.

Dear Seekers of Vedic Knowledge,

Subject:  Brief description of Vedic Rta- Cosmic Laws of Necessity
In about 17,000 mantars/riks/hymns four Vedas contain umpteen material (relating to perishable), spiritual (relating to withdraw able) and divine (relating to eternal) subjects. Cosmic Laws of Necessity (Rta) contained in the Book of Nature is a major subject of Vedas.
For the cosmic laws the terms used in the Vedas are Rta, Ritane and Vratani. Yajur Veda 6-4 ordains “O, man study God's works of creation, preservation and dissolution whereby He determines His laws. Atharva Veda 4-1-3 tells us that from the bosom of the sacred cosmic word OM, He brought forth the world- on high, below where He abides in His own Laws.
According to Yajur Veda 26-1, we get true knowledge of these cosmic laws from seven forces of the Nature viz.; the Sun, Moon, firmament, waters, clouds, fire and the earth, which are all beneficial to the mankind and make our paths pleasant and comfortable. Taittrya Upanishad 1-2 says, if religion is dharma(righteousness) , it is then Rta.
The great importance given to Rta in the Vedas can be appreciated from the description of these laws in Rig Veda 1-75- 5 where it says, " ritam. satyam vijnani ", which would literally mean "absolute truth which is Rta, is the only true knowledge."
Rig Veda 1-24-15 clearly says that by following these laws, you remain away from misery and get bliss. There is also a prayer in Rig Veda 1-25-1," O, merciful God, be kind to us as we violate your laws, knowingly and unknowingly day after day." Obviously this simple prayer is a reminder to the men and women to start knowing, understanding and following these laws for their own interest as well as for the interest of the entire man kind and other animate life. By following these laws one can understand the Purpose of Human Birth which Vedas tell us is “to assist the Viswakarma (Supreme Architect) in the maintenance of His grand wondrous Design.
These holy laws are inviolable, immutable and eternal (R.V.1-12-7 and 1-24-10). If at any stage the concept of righteousness deviates even slightly from the divine laws conveyed to us through the divine Nature Prakrti as Rta, that is no longerDharma.
Rig-Veda 1- 22-8 decrees that all things in this world, middle region and heaven follow eternal laws ordained by Him. Yajur Veda 24-42 further tells us that all pathways HE guides with Rtawhich are also moral laws. Aittrya Upanishad 4-1 and Taittrya Upanishad 1-2 reiterate this divine truth.
Each Vedic Rta is complete in itself and no further evolution in these laws is possible. These are for once and ever. If any Rtais different for different periods of history, area or country, it is not RtaThese laws of God and for some as laws of Nature are applicable universally and for all periods to come in the future as well. Tampering and transgressing these laws is misery and death (Y.V. 25-13 and A.V 3-30-4).
Those opposed to Rta and Satya produce for themselves deep abyss of sufferings (R.V.1-5-20, 4-5-5, 5-51-2). By ignoring the two Vedic concepts i.e. Rta and Iddm Nan Mmam (Vedic enlightened liberalism) the individuals can precipitate cosmic and social disorder. Those opposed to Rta and Satya produce for themselves deep abyss of sufferings (R.V.1-5-20, 4-5-5, 5-51-2). 
Those who are seekers of Vedic knowledge can find more details and a large number of Vedic Rta in Chapter 2 of the Book on the Internet for on line reading and even taking print at no cost. Website is http://www.sabhlokc ics/ 
Kindly forward it to those who are seekers of Vedic knowledge. Also please feel free to improve this book based on Vedic metaphysics ONLY.
With kind regards,
Prem Sabhlok
Kindly feel free to improve this Vedic message strictly and truthfully based on Vedic hyms/riks/mantras.
2. Vedic concept of scientific temper even advises us to improve/discover new cosmic laws of necessity. Till date in the last a few thousands years no none could improve or even discover fresh/nre Rta which are more useful for the welfare of mankind.
Revive Vedas and save mankind from self destruction. 

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  1. ram

    RTA=RI TA.TA called nata in cambodia.NATA is god of nature,god of cosmos.veda=veta in cambodia,from cambodia to india by camboja cambodge cambodia.


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