Write about him if you knew him

Dear visitor to this website,

See a few euologies on his life. But there are many people who knew him.

We invite you to write below in the comments section about Prem Kumar Sabhlok, if you knew him.

Thanks very much.


His family.


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One thought on “Write about him if you knew him
  1. Vladimir Onoprienko

    Dear comrades, hello. I did not know, unfortunately I was not personally acquainted with Prem Kumare Sabhloke, I only recently read his articles and speeches on this site, and I liked them. There is no VEDIC socialism methodology in Russia; I did not meet the roots of the original Veda science from India until I got acquainted with the publications of Preme Kumare Sabhlok. Thanks also to YOU for saving his legacy.
    doctor, professor Vladimir Onoprienko


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