Time and Space as described in Vedas

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Time (Kala) and Space (Dis) as described in Vedas
Vedas contain harmonized knowledge of Divine (eternal), Spiritual (with-draw able) and material (perishable) subjects. Time and Space are Divine subjects in Vedas.
These two ontological categories Time (Kala) and Space (Dis) are very important in Vedas. Space is Avyakrta Akasa- the uncreated Eternal and unmodified Akasa- the Space. Akasa is one of the five main elements (mahabhutas) i.e. earth (Prithvi), air (Vayu), water (Jala), fire (Teja) and ether (akash) . The former Ayavkata Akasa and Time (Kala) co-exist with Brahman like Prakrti (divine Nature) and energy principle Jeev/jiva (Spirit).
Both Time and Space are eternal. No one can imagine origin and limit of Time and Space. Space contains everything and makes our movement possible and Time conditions and regulates the generating growth and dissolution of every material thing. Both unmodified Time and space are not perceived by our senses and sense organs. However, these can be perceived by the intuitive power of the Soul (Atma) at the stage of Kaivalya, Turiya and self realization when one can communicate with the soul.
Hence Rig Veda 1-30-21&22 ordains never waste a single moment. God lives in Time and Space and moves with Time (both are eternal). Heavens, Earth, day and night all serve Time and Time controls All (Rig Veda 1-95-7).
Owing to its subtle and divine nature Rig Veda 1-95-8 again advises, be punctual in worldly affairs and activities. All calculations are made in mathematics i.e. duration of year, month, day, life of the earth based on Sun (Surya). The calculation should start from divine and bright daughter of Surya viz. Usha (R.V 1-115-2). Time has subtle anus and kanus gross and subtle atoms (tanmatras) like mind, ether which control all celestial movement. (R.V 1-97-7). Study the attributes of Usha (dawn) to know the science of Time (Kala vidya). RV 1-92-2. Usha reminds you to set Time Table properly.  Each dawn reduces your life span (RV 1-95- 1 on wards). So do not waste Time. 
From Time all beings emerge, from Time they advance and grow. In Time they rest. Time is embodied and also timeless. He/She who knows the entire concept of Time and Space know Vedas. (Maitri Upanishad- 4-14-15).
Time is akshram (eternal) and God is mahad akshram-Great eternal.
Since time lives in God so it is beyond gunas, as it exists in void
RV 1-164-1 onwards up to 12 refer to kshan less than a second, mahurat- a moment, prahar (about three hours) divas (day) paksha fortnight, etc  30 mahurats are day and night of 48 minutes each. Time and Space are His vibhuti (glory)
3/4th part of space is beyond human perception through our senses but known to our soul. R.V 1-131-1, VI-47-8)
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3 thoughts on “Time and Space as described in Vedas
  1. sreenivasan

    Dear sir,

    Iam still a student of vedic philosophy and pondering through it since 1998. Iam 58 years old and going to retire from my job next year. Iam working in Abu Dhabi since many years. I always thought to write a book regarding the spirituality the core of hindu religion but my inner consciousness withdraws the impulse of writing a book as the ocean of hinduism and droplet of my knowledge. I feel necessary to write a book of my religion because the  propaganda of foreign religions and communist party movements in kerala reduced the hindu culture as a degradable thought to the new generation.(Iam from kerala) I have my notes of what I read. I wish your advices and your time to communicate with me. Also need your permission to write the references of scientists who used the vedic knowledge to soar the altitude of their personality.Many thanks for your analysis of vedas here. I bow my head to you.

    with regards


    1. Shyamala

      Hai Sreenivasan Sir
      just happened to cross this way.
      Hope you have moved ahead with your proposed book. If it’s already published please add the details.

      Let me note a few malayalam books ( don’t remember exact titles though) –
      On Christianity by Sri Chattambi Swamikal.. On vedas by EMS Namboothiripad.. On communism by Dr Rajesh Namboothiri.. Grihastha dharmam – a booklet by SreeRamakrishna Mission.

      If you have already cone across these books please excuse.

      ( I went through these more than 10-15 years ago not sure whether prints are available now)

      Also Sir, Kasyapa Veda Research Foundation based at Kozhikode and Arsha Vidya Gurukulam based at Tripunitura would be worth exploring.

      Recent reports on mob lynching of sadhus in maharastra threw light on nexus of real estate mafia with churches tribals and Maoists. So what you feel maynot be unique for Kerala(?) @

  2. Amresh kumar

    Dear sir, I am a physics teacher have done M.Sc in Electronic science and B.Ed in Physical science. I am teaching in Bihar at a CBSE school . Sir, I have a great interest in Sanatan Dharma and sprituality but one thing in my mind always rings that what should I do to bring my philosophy in the streem of education system. I want to light and propagate the Vedic knowledge and essence of Srimadbhagvad Gita before the world. I will be waiting for your reply, guide me sir.


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