Vedic GURU is a Learned Preceptor

The vast turbulent "sea of matter" is making us drift towards dreaded materialism with all its evil effects including global warming. Revive the simple teachings/guidelines of Vedas to minimise the vehement effect of material turbulences.

Dear Seekers of Vedic Knowledge,

Subject Vedic GURU is a Preceptor and not a Dealer of Hope.

Guru word is from Gu- darkness and Ru- to dispel. According to Rig Veda a Guru is a dispeller of inner and outer darkness of his/her disciples. Vedic Gurus are normally Rudrai- having studied till the age of 36 years or Aditya i.e. having studied till the age of 44 to 48 years all Social, Physical, Military and Spiritual Sciences containing seven streams of knowledge.

Vedic Guru renders the greatest service to God by spreading  harmonized divine, spiritual and material knowledge (para Jnan) with honesty, straight forwardness, without deceit of any kind for all to enjoy true and spiritual happiness (R.V 1-72-2 and 8).

Rig Veda 5-57-8 refers to the importance of harmonized divine, spiritual and material knowledge and proper education through an absolutely truthful and enlightened GURU (preceptor) for enjoying bliss and happiness. Guru should deal with his/her students without deceit and with pure and honest motive (R.V 5-65-4) and should be devoid of anger, greed, evils and malice
(R.V 5-65-1 and 5-82-9). Guru who accepts any kind of donation/money from bribe takers/givers and other avarnas (non-divine people) who are THIEVES of society is a FAKE guru (R.V 1-42-3).

Parents have to convince Guru that money being offered as donation to the Ashram cum School of Guru is their honestly earned money. Since with this money food is to be provided to students, any money taken from bribe takers/givers and other evil minded persons can spread some evil practices/poisonous thoughts amongst the students. Yajur Veda 6-8 Says “O, learned guru we request you to accept our honestly earned money, we offer thee”. In the Vedas first and supreme Guru is formless and ineffable God (R.V. 5-82-9) as through His ansh (subtle immortal particle-soul) a-priori and transcendental knowledge is provided to us. Thus God is Omniscient and human soul is omniscient principle.

The Vedic Guru is more like Vashishta of Ramayana, Dronacharya of Mahabharta, Socrates, Plato, Einstein, Gandhi ji.

Even Vedic learned savants like Swami Sankracharya, Swami Dayanand did not agree to be addressed as Guru.

More details about Vedic Guru, social ethics, Trivarga (sensate, ideational and idealistic value system), Vedic Universal Equality, Vedic Education system/seven streams of knowledge, governing structure, Vedic mosaic society, institution of marriage, Vedic social ethics etc can be found in Chapter 1 of Glimpses of Vedic Metaphysics. This book is available for on line reading and taking print, if necessary free of cost on Websitehttp://www. The book can also be reached through search engines of, and Search for the above book or just “Vedic Metaphysics”.

It is not a book on literature and has a few typo cum grammatical mistakes which may kindly be overlooked. (An effort is being made to update the book without these errors). Vedic Society has been explained there in as described in four Vedas. Relevant Veda mantras/riks/hymns have been quoted.

Kindly render divine and noble service and forward this Vedic message to all seekers of Vedic knowledge and ensure that mushroom growth of fake gurus are eliminated for strengthening
Vedic Sanatan Dharma.

With kind regards,

Your spiritual brother,

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