The main causes of corruption in India

The main causes of corruption in India are:

1. Continuation of confused Nehruvian Socialism for the last a few decades and hypocrisy of current Liberalism when large scale leaking subsidies still continue.
2. Weak and ineffective Local governments inspite of Amendments 73 and 74 to Constitution of India
3. Fixed and purchased vote bank with manipulated Voters lists. 
4. Rusted and fargile steel frame of outdated colonial model of IAS Bureaucracy.
5. Our fundamental rules in governance, Police, Co-operative and other welfare Societies etc are still based on 1860 Act as amended but not implemented.
6. Our private schools/colleges obtain signatures for higher UGC scale salary but pay nearly 50% of the amount. Thus Corrupt teachers/Professors/ management etc are running the schools/colleges. 
7. In I.A.S officers Training Academy (LBSNAA) corruption is prevailing and brought to the notice of Cabinet Scy, Prime Minister etc.They are all closing their eyes to save their IAS colleague in LBSNAA.
8. The subsidised domestic LPG  cylinders are sold to commercial organisation/hotels etc at much higher rate in the presence of law enforcing agencies, no one stops this for their corrupt material gain. All the Deputy Commissioners of major districts know about it but are helpless. 
9. First the government recovers TDS at much higher percentage and when question of Refund comes, for years Refund is not given unless some fixed% is given to Income Tax officials. If you complain there is more harassment in future to make you run from pillar to post.  
10. Our spiritual gururs openly accept donation of Black money. Neither the donor want receipt nor Gurus are keen to give receipts.
…. there is endless list for corrupt practices. i do not know what LOKPAL/LOKAYUKT will do in such cases.
Solution is bury Nehruvian Socialism, say good bye to colonial model of IAS Bureacracy, No subsidies, compensation through welfare means and not subsidies, make local governments strong, effective and vibrant.

CEC of India should be reprimanded if manipulation of Voters lists are found etc. Deputy Commissioner incharge should be sacked for accpeting manipulation under political pressure. 

Prem Sabhlok

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27 thoughts on “The main causes of corruption in India
  1. Sennaya Swamy

    Once of the best articles I have read in the recent times. I liked the flow of description between the soul and body.

  2. Sinduja

    This article is very IMPORTANT to everyone that we have come to know more about A VIRUS "CORRUPTION",It is not only to know the cause,gives the solutions too……THANK YOU

  3. Hetal Chavda

    This article gives an overview of various causes of corruption, and through a light that which the areas where a social worker needs to work………………..

  4. Siddharth

    A society gets what it deserves……  we are too lazy to stand up for our rights, we would suffer in status quo rather than standing up for our rights , the famous alibi 'Main kya kar sakta hoon' … do you justify Post-independence dynastic rule of Gandhis…(sometime I wonder why is Gandhi's name being maligned in all this ..or may be he deserves it…???)

  5. rohan

    above content contains  lot of clarity…….these are some of the causes in our day to day life n are not known to many people in india, as we all are educated we need to step forward n kill "corruption". that cannot happen once at a time but we can clear upto 60%


  6. chandra

    main cause for corruption is greedy rulers and officers… parliament, judges, IAS officers, police, CBI, every dept has corruption… people have to realize… elect good leaders who want the country to improve, eradicate poverty and unemployment and clean up the country… hope in future India becomes a developed country… JAI HIND…

  7. nawale

    In my view main cause of corruption in India are as below
    1. population
    2. Lower morality
    3. Increased expectation  of people
    4. No punishment
    5 Our religion manuwad

  8. puran singh

    before to blaim the others you should try to compare yourself with the fair and unfair. all the day to day activities that you are doing is they fair or not. if once you will be improve yourself than you can accept that other also will do so becuase chairty bigins at home. now what did you think about yourself are you a corrupted or honest even while judging yourself. think deepely.

  9. natarajan

    In my point of view the main cause of corruption in India is we people do not have unity between our neighbour state itself!!!.Some of the leaders using this non-co-operation for their individual development by earning money in illegal support. So first of all our Indian people have to be unity with their neighbour state people and we have to share everything what we have because all humans have their own rights in this world. Then only we can achieve the world no.1 position.
    By INDIAN.

  10. NILESH

    I would like to add that unless the over all consiousness of Mankind is not raised, problems such as corruptions shall always be there. Slavery has made the present Indian think nothing beyond filling his stomach and taking care of his basic needs, and the one's who can afford are stuck in the nets of Greed, selfishness, etc t


    first time i have read such blog. if this will publish in the paper, it will create shockness to the corrupted people. everybody know the reasons, but who will come forward to start and take the lead. does krishna will take new avatar to finish this. for whom we are waiting for? one wave has started and ANNA HAZARE  has taken the lead to change the system, but who has stopped him. our selected and chosen governing body people, to whom we have chosen by voting. 

    does time has not come to create awareness and spread the message and ask the population of india to " how to cut the trees of corruption and burn it totally and completely"?  

  12. Narender Panchal

    Corruption is the majour part of the rural establishment in india which every citizen should know .I do think that corruption should be finished.I found this article very interesting.

  13. Alok@akki

    A/c to me the main reason behind the prevailing corruption in India is we ourself, as we want our job to be done well before the time and for this we are ready to pay and don't bother about anything rather than our work to be done.. and this gives rise to the "CORRUPTION" to a great extent..

  14. anand prakash

    The main cause of corruption is the service sequirity  in government service. Honesty and efficiecy nither rewarded nor protected. Public srevice like police should have 50 % contract and volunteers to fill all vacacies.One complaint and redress system for all over India.


  15. venkata ramana rao lella

    I do agree with you, to eradicate curruption firstly the curriculum of the school education has to be changed. The curriculum should be based on spiritualism and vedic knowledge. At the tender age if you impart the knowledge of vedas and practice of spiritualism, the student will learn the basics from vedas and apply those principles in practice with the help of  spiritualism. It may take a long time, but gives a sustained results in long run. 


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