Anti Vedic Socialism versus Vedic Liberalism

Dear Sovereign Citizens of India. Please think seriously  and decide what kind of India we want? Can Socialism provide India of our dreams as Sone Ki Chidiya agenda based on Vedic Metaphysics.

Our Socialist Leaders were/are Pt Nehru, all Communists, Marxists, Indira Gandhi, Rajeev Gandhi, Atul Bihari Vajpai, L.K Advani, Sonia Gandhi and now Kejriwal of AAP and many others

Our Leaders who believed in Liberalism were Gokhale, Tilak,.Mahatma Gandhi, Tagore, Sardar Patel, JP, Minoo Masani and now Swarna Bharat Party, Lok Satta party, Nav Bharat party and many Liberals. Narendra Modi has some Liberal ideas.

From 1950 till today we are having dominance of Socialists. Now we need to decide should Socialism continue or we vote for only Liberals with firm belief in Liberty, Freedom, Swaraj, Development and Secularism..

In Liberalism Democracy is Govt. of the people (elected by the people), for the People (for the welfare of people) and by the People (strong and effective Local governments run by people). In Socialism People are not allowed to run the government at local level. India continues to have a fake Democracy for the last seven decades. In Liberalism, the people decide what they can do themselves in Local self Governments, what they can not do they delegate to State Governments and what State can not do is transferred to Central Govt. In SOCIALISM it is just the opposite, people are not allowed strong and effective Local Governments.Thus briefly Socialism Vs. liberalism is as below

  1. fake Democracy Vs. genuine Democracy
  2. Centralization Vs. Decentralization
  3. Garbage Khichdi  Politics Vs. Neat welfare Politics as the Noblest Emdeavour
  4. Corrupt governance Vs. Corruption Free Governance
  5. Distribution of Wealth in Leaking Subsidies (Re One becomes 15 paise to beneficiary)Vs.Production of Wealth for Development and removal of Poverty
  6. High rate of inflation and weak Currency Vs. Low rate of Inflation and very strong Currency
  7. Colonial Model Bureaucracy Vs. Accountable Welfare Bureaucracy
  8. Ineffective Local Governments Vs. Strong and Effective Local Governments

Before 1947 the leaders of Congress Party like Gandhi ji, Tilak, Gokhale, Sardar Patel and others aimed at Self rule (Swaraj), minimum government, Liberty, free speech and Freedom. Pt Nehru whose real Political Hero was Iron man Joseph STALIN of USSR and model state was USSR and model governance was  Soviet  system of Centralization and Central Planning Commission.

When he became Prime Minister, he over ruled all surviving Congress leaders and took U turn. Steadily all Liberals and believers in Gandhian philosophy, Freedom and Swaraj started leaving Congress. His Socialistic centralization went to the extent that governance of the country became centralized in the Nehru’s family. Those who did not like Dynastic rudderless confused and highly corrupt Socialistic rule, started creating personal zonal Fiefdoms not knowing the principles of good governance. Lately Aam Admi Party with firm belief  in anarchy, populism, leaking subsidies, political dramas and no agenda of good governance has also entered in our rudderless Socialism.

In the last six decades the sovereign citizens have forgotten, sovereignty resides with them. They still believe in feudalistic Mai Baap culture and have allowed political and bureaucratic servants to become masters. India is now having dynastic rudderless rule of servants.

We now need leaders of pre 1947 caliber like Gandhi ji, Lokmanya Tilak, Gokhale, Vallab Bahi Patel, Tagore and Minoo Masani, JP, Raja ji, and many believers in Arthashatra of Kautilya and Vedic system of governance etc who firmly believed in Swaraj, Liberty, Freedom, accountability, transparency and good governance.

Let us say goodbye to Indian brand of dynastic, populist , anarchic and corrupt Socialism and bring in a new era of Liberalism, good governance and real Freedom.

Prem Sabhlok


Vedic spiritual science is entirely for the welfare of mankind. Vedas tell us that it is the individuals alone can bring heavenly conditions on the earth under divine guidance and if they do not need divine guidance they can create hellish conditions in state and society.

Divine guidance for good governance starts with SABHA and VIDHTA. (RV10-8-26 to42, 47) AV 14-1-20,22, AV 14-2-64,67)

In Sabha and Vidhta all individuals (both men and women of all four Varna and also fifth Avarna) should actively participate. Thus in Liberalism good governance starts at the ground level and moves up to Local

Self Government, State Govt, Central Govt etc. After discussion in Sabha and Vidhta, the decisions arrived at should be conveyed to elected representatives in local, state, central governments and bureaucrats for bringing more transparency in administartion. (RV 10-88-46). those who who come out with glory in Sabha and Vidhta should be encouraged to contest elections and get elected for various posts in Local. State and central government.

All discussions in Vidhta are aimed at to make the individuals moral and ethical human beings by bringing out their latent divinity and higher social instincts,  AV 1-15-2,4 guide us that we are all co-workers for prosperity and make riches flow amongst people on the path of Dharma, Artha and Rta One has to study all mantras relating to  bureaucracy, elected President/King, Artha, International Trade, Vedic Physical Sciences, Vedic Ethics, Vedic value system and then find which is better form of good governance.  Clearly Vedas do not encourage Indian Brand of Socialism, fake democracy and non accountable bureaucracy.

Vedic enlightened Liberalism cautions us that great diversity of wealth is always inconsistent with good governance and cause of social and civic unrest.  Our rudderless Socialism has created all negative indices in Corruption, worst bureaucracy of the world, mafia politics against Vedic politics as the noblest Endeavour, inflation touching the sky, bright students running out of India for higher studies, moral, social, physical and even religious pollution endangering lives of simple. honest people and hundreds of more negative indices.

I have never understood why People of India love our rudderless anti Vedic Socialism against Liberalism starting with strong and effective Local Governments. By ignoring Vedic metaphysics we are losing the benefit of Divine Guidance which seemss to have been withdrawn.


Prem Sabhlok


Incidentally Sone KI Chidiya agenda largely conforms to Vedic metaphysics.


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2 thoughts on “Anti Vedic Socialism versus Vedic Liberalism
  1. P M Ravindran

    This is what I had written in an article ‘DEMOCRACY?…EAST IS EAST AND WEST IS WEST!’ way back in 2002:

    Out, party-based democracy; In, real democracy. It is a fact that party-based democracy itself has failed in this country. So will the Presidential system, as in the US of A, work in our context? No guarantee, there. But can’t we think afresh, keeping in mind the lessons we have learnt from our own experiences in the past fifty years? Shouldn’t we tailor our solutions to suit our problems? Here is one suggestion: Our government should function at three levels. Villages should form the units of administration. Villages should be linked through computer networks to the next level of governance, that is the State. States should be linked to the government at the Center. Polls should be conducted to elect representatives to an Electoral College (EC). These representatives, Members of Electoral College (MEC) can be one per 500 or 1000 of the population, but should necessarily be one amoung them. MECs from the village will function as the Village Panchayat (VP). The VP will send a representative from amoung them to the State Legislature (SL) on need basis. This need will be decided by the agenda before the Legislature and the competence of the MEC to address the issues in the agenda. The agenda, of course, will be circulated by the State Secretariat well in advance so that the issues are discussed thoroughly at the VP and every VP can send its best spokesperson for the occasion to the SL. A similar exercise can follow for issues at the national level taken up for consideration in the Parliament. Of necessity, the discussions should start at the VP, ensuring the best democratic process at work always. And there shall never be defections and toppling of governments for the five years for which each Electoral College shall function!

    The complete article is available at

  2. Vijay

    Have been reading your blog and book on Metaphysics. Want to know what Rta stands for; though you use “Laws of GOD” to define it
    Tried sending U a mail,on your mail-id as given on web site; but some how it bounced back


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