Metaphysics of Plato is Vedas Re-told in the West – It is high time to revive in the East

I like to think someone will trace how the deepest thinking of India made its way to Greece and from there to the philosophy of our times in Europe. (John Archibald Wheeler- eminent scientist)                         

Metaphysics of Plato is Vedas Retold in the West
Subject: the influence of Vedic “rsis and munnies” on PLATO
Let noble thoughts come to us from all sides. (Rig Veda)
Dear seekers of Vedic knowledge,
The metaphysics of Socrates and Plato influenced so much the Western social and spiritual thought and brought enlightenment to the West that today WEST describes “Plato as philosophy and philosophy as Plato.” We the followers of Vedic Sanatan Dharma in India seem to have forgotten that that source of his writings and philosophy was Vedic metaphysics. Before Plato, Pythagoras went from Samos (Greece) to land of Ganga to learn Geometry. He would not have gone such a long and strange journey had the reputation of Brahmin’s (Vedic) science not been long established in Europe. (Francois. M. Voltaire). 
Plato left Athens for about one decade and visited Prasava (Persia), Ariana (Iran) and North West part of the then India-land of Aryans. He seems to have discussed a number of metaphysical concepts with the then Vedic Rsis and Munnies. On his return to Athens, he propagated those thoughts without making any reference to Vedic rsis and munnies. However, the influence of Vedic metaphysics is clearly visible in Plato’s writings/books. 
Like the Vedic concept of moderation and Iddm nan mam (enlightened liberalism) Plato mentions in his Laws (174-f) and also in Utopia that in an Ideal state the range of economic disparities should be within 1:16. If the range of disparity increases marginally, the state is less ideal. However, if it increases considerably, the state is either a Democracy or an Oligarchy. The rulers in both tend to be tyrannical, corrupt, and hypocritical. 
In his metaphysics, Plato says that the soul of virtuous people becomes lighter and goes toward heaven by moving upward after death and that of the non-virtuous, being heavier, it stays near the earth and is the cause of rebirth. On rebirth, people may be born in one of the nine kinds of families professing different faiths, religions, as well as in the different regions of the earth. Plato thus becomes one of the few ancient Western philosophers who gave a perfect philosophical theory on secularism and universal brotherhood which in the East Vedic rsis and munnies had already conveyed through Vedas.
In an ideal state, which he described as Republic, divine guidance is the maximum and in Tyranny it reaches its minimum and world dissolution (VedicPralaya) comes when that divine guidance is totally withdrawn. Like Vedic metaphysics Plato confirms that life in this vast turbulent ocean of matter- the material world is an illusion of comfort (Vedic Maya) and described the gross world as a phenomenal world. Plato held largely similar views like Vedic Rta (Laws of Nature) in his theory of Forms and Ideas. A few other glimpses of Vedic metaphysics can also seen in Plato’s writings relating to divinity in the noble vocations, social classes, education system extending up to 48 years, value system and need based living, absolute nature of right and wrong and many other concepts. Like Vedas he mentioned worst thing about corruption is that it distorts the concept of knowledge. He must have learnt about the ideal philosopher king Janaka of Bhagavad-Gita assisted by Rishi Yajnvalkya and Rsika Gargi and developed the theory of “philosopher kings” for his Republic. His concept of economics and global trade has great resemblance to Vedic economics and global trade.
While Plato propagated the Vedic concept of scientific temper, his disciple Aristotle spread the message of Physical Sciences of matter with unsuspected vitality without referring to Vedas. Later many of these thoughts are found in the metaphysics of Saint Aquinas, Augustine, Immanuel Kant and many others including some scientists like Newton, Einstein etc.
Is it not surprising that seekers of Vedic knowledge can get PhD Degree in Vedas in USA- the bastion of secularism and a few other Western countries but not in secular India? Even the former Acting Chief Justice of Pakistan Supreme Court Mr. Mohd Ramde Khalilee when he met me about two years ago confirmed that he was a seeker of Vedic knowledge as it originated largely in the then North West India now in Pakistan. Lately an e-mail has been sent to a large number of people by an American Christian “Mike” who has done PhD in Vedic metaphysics. The e-mail says if the world is to be saved from self destruction follow Vedic eternal spiritual science – Sanatan Dharma. Somewhat similar thoughts earlier the great German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer had expressed about Upanishads about two hundred years ago. 
Considering the great importance of Vedic metaphysics for the welfare of mankind and Sanatan Dharma (Vedic eternal religion), after studying the metaphysical (Upanishadic) part of four Vedas, I have written the book “Glimpses of Vedic Metaphysics” as a commoner and for the common people who are seekers of Vedic knowledge. It is not a book on Vedic literature, history or language but contains Vedic guidelines, teachings and thoughts on material, spiritual and divine aspects of human life. The seekers of Vedic knowledge can read and even take print at no cost on website . Also the book can be accessed through Kindly render divine noble service and forward this Website to other seekers of Vedic knowledge and strengthen Vedic eternal religion. Suggestions for any improvement in the book conforming strictly to Vedas are most welcome. Within my limitation of knowledge I do try to update the book periodically.
It is high time we establish a University in India where through Vedic studies students could get post graduate and PhD degrees and they strengthen Vedic Sanatan Dharma (eternal religion) in India and abroad.
With kind regards,
Yours spiritual brother,
Prem Sabhlok
A few more Western thoughts about Vedas.
Great India (through Veda) is the origin of everything intellect, religion and politics and even Greek Heritage seems pale in comparison (Frederich Von Schlegel) German philosopher.
India has created a special momentum in the world history as the country to search for Knowledge. (Friedrich Hegel)
… Revive Vedas and conquer the conquerors through Vedic knowledge without fighting any War. Each follower of Sanatan Dharma needs to become Paramjot– carriers of divine Vedic light- knowledge.
Followers of Vedic Sanatan Dharma take the above message as wakeup call and save mankind from self destruction. Evil forces are joining together to destroy the eternal religion Sanatan Dharma.

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    Beautiful ?. India was, is, and will remain the land of the Vedas and Vedic knowledge. Vedic knowledge is eternal.


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