Purpose of Human Birth as described in Vedas

Study of Vedas is the noblest Virtue (Bhagavad-Gita)
Omkar Veda Nirmayi (God Revealed Vedas (Guru Nanak Dev Ji)
Vedas are the basis of ultimate Truth, Dharma, Spiritual Sciences and Bhartia culture.
“Rtam, Satyam, Dharmmam” Rig Veda tells us that Cosmic laws (Rta) of social, moral and physical order are eternal and permanent truths (Satyam) and following these Laws (Rta) is Vedic Sanatam Dharma –eternal religion
Dear Spiritual Brothers and Sisters,
Subjects: 1 Heritage Status to Rig Veda by UNESCO
2. Purpose of Human Birth- as described in Vedas
Subject1: Heritage Status accorded to Rig Veda
A number of doubts have been raised by many individuals about the utility of religion. They feel that unless religion is able to define ideal life, highest virtue, goodness, gentleness, perfect value system etc, otherwise its utility is suspect. Briefly its spirituality should be based on spiritual science and NOT materialistic commercial spiritualism.
Under the vehement influence of materialism which gives an illusion of comfort (effect of dazzling golden disc created by MAYA- the cosmic delusion) many organized religions have deviated/drifted from their original sources. For illustration Vedas are now utilized as spiritual adhesive by a very large majority.of followers of Sanatan Dharma.
It is an historical fact that the Vedic truths have been challenged; criticized and even Vedic metaphysicists (rsis and munnies) were abused by Charvakaas, but Vedic truths never proved wrong. The long history of about 5,000 years is a clear indicator that the Vedas, which are the acme of human thought, should be studied with an open mind and without any bias. Bhagavad-Gita describes the study of the Vedas as the highest virtue (16-1 to 3). Adi Grantha sahib says “Asankh Grantha mukhi Veda path”. (There are innumerable scriptures but study of Vedas is supreme). Vedic Sanatan Dharma is entirely based on spiritual science.
The path finders of yore described their metaphysics when Iron Age (Kali Yuga) had already started. As such Vedic Metaphysics is most relevant to the present age when Kaliyuga is at its peak. The Vedic metaphysics not only help us to find our roots, but also answers hundreds of our doubts which most of us have. Why and how this world was created? Who am I? Where did I come from and were shall I go? Why I am here? Do I come back or just become manure for the earth? What is an ideal way of life? Think of any material, spiritual or philosophical question, the Vedas has answers to all such questions. The ancient wise sages, who did speculative transcendental research to find permanent truths, came to the conclusion that any effort to change or modify them will rebound. Such truths are a-priori, being revealed directly from the immortal human soul. Only empirical knowledge based on sense experience like physical and social sciences gets modified with the passage of time.
The hierarchical and organized religions of today are not able to define the ideal life, highest virtue, goodness, gentleness and many other noble concepts. The treasure of such a noble knowledge is freely available in the Vedas. The philosophy contained in the Vedas can certainly help in taking out the cobwebs created by various religions through mythology, unscientific rituals, ostentatious and proxy worship, blind faith and hallucination apart from certain weeds of the mind, like destructive, revengeful, selfish and other wild thoughts. Perhaps considering their utility to mankind UNESCO has since accorded the status of “Heritage” to RIG VEDA.
Subject 2.
In this phenomenal world of a vast turbulent sea of matter a number of views are prevalent about the Purpose of Life and Human Birth
To know the purpose of human life an effort was made to study Rig Veda which has been accorded the status of world Heritage by UNESCO. According to Vedas (RV 1-24-1, 4-33-11, 1-79-1) the purpose of human birth is to assist the Supreme Architect (Vishwakarma) in the maintenance of social, moral and physical order so that the entire mankind becomes divine bureaucracy of God to ensure implementation and maintenance of His Grand wondrous Design. The Cosmic laws of Nature (Rta) are formidable and despotic in their operation and even God Himself having created obeys these laws sternly. Truthful search of these laws and obeying Rta is the greatest service to God.
Vedas even confirm that by following Rta and understanding the purpose of Human Birth, one can attain Moksha (Bliss) in one birth. By not attaining Moksha human beings are the losers.
Thus the Purpose of life is to fulfill the divine mission of God and Prakrti (divine Nature) by resorting to welfare activities for the entire mankind (Vishwa Kutumbkam- the Global Family of our formless and ineffable God) and all animate and inanimate life. It only proves that selfless social work on the path of Rta is the only divine work.
Apart from what Vedas say about the Purpose of Human Birth, many other Vedic concepts regarding Bliss, Good, Charity, Love, Koshas, Enlightened Liberalism, harmonized divine, spiritual and material Knowledge (Jnan), Scientific Temper, Vedic Economics, Ramayana and Mahabharata are Vedas re-told and many others have been described in Glimpses of Vedic Metaphysics. The book is available on the Internet for on-line reading/taking print free of cost and can be accessed through Search Engines of Google.com/Yahoo.com/ Lulu.com
With regards,
Yours Spiritual Brother,

Kindly render divine social service and forward to all others who are seekers of Vedic knowledge. Kindly also feel free to improve this Vedic Message strictly based on Veda mantars/riks/hymns.

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6 thoughts on “Purpose of Human Birth as described in Vedas
  1. Dr Prayag Narayan Misra

    The purpose of human birth is best described in Srimad Bhagavatam by Srila Vyasadeva, as "athato brahm jigyasa" – " Who am I". And the best answer is provided by Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu:-
    "Jivera swarup hoy nitya Krishna das" –
    The constitutional position of a living entity is to be eternal servant of Krishna- The Supreme Personality of Godhead- Cause of All causes.
    (not the servant of sense enjoyments)
    Respectfully submitted by : Dr Prayag Narayan Misra

  2. Prabhu

    Dear Mr.Prayag Narayan Misra,
    By just reading "who am I" and knowing  that "I am servant of Krishna" is our purpose of birth fulfilled? NO. Because we do not know who we are. When we were born we did not have a name but all our body parts had a name. later we are named (ex Prabhu) but we do not know which part of our body was named (ex Prabhu) and when prabhu dies you call it dead body not Prabhu. You will say that prabhu has left this world. Then who was Prabhu in this body. 
    So I need to know who Prabhu is in this body. Because only if Prabhu is inside this body has value and when Prabhu leaves this body he has no value and is buried  or burned as per my religious rulus.
    We need to know our self first then we can know who is Krishna and be his servant.
    THE BHAGAVAT GEETA is not just a book that we can understand by reading it. It teaches us a practice which will lead us the way to God. It does not teach us how to live in this material world. Because God says we do not need the knowledge of how to live in this world even the animals live their life without going to any school and university.
    We need knowledge to know who we are first and then we can know God (Krishna).  
    Let this continue by the grace of GOD

  3. Venkataramanachari Ramesh

    With infinite thanks………..
    E-BOOK.Laws of nature.
    With infinite thanks………..


    Birth in human form has no any special purpose. We birth to live it as it is. Without our materialistic imagination with natural events even our own form. We never differ with other formations. We  only differ with imaginations. If  i am a goat, I imagine me as a well and better one . Because the ego of  I always make us to imagine a better one. So you think you have birth and form your only purpose about that is to know you have no birth nor death . 


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