As you sow so shall you reap- Vedic eternal Truth- Parapsychological research by Dr Ian Stevenson

Subject: As you sow so shall you reap- Vedic eternal Truth- Parapsychological research by Dr Ian Stevenson

While many scriptural and metaphysical truths do indicate that there is a transmigration of soul and rebirth not necessarily in the same religion or even country or region, Yajur Veda 3-54,55 tells us that the purpose behind this concept- rather truth is to create love for the entire mankind and to ensure that the human beings follow righteous path. . 
If we analyze in-depth this Vedic concept of rebirth and transmigration of soul, it would mean that a person could be reborn with the same soul but different gross body in his / her next birth in any religion, region and country of the entire world. He could also be born as male or female as soul has no sex or any caste, creed or cult. It could also mean that in our earlier births and previous lives we could have been Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists or even  Brahamin, Kshatriya,Vaish or Shudras, male or female and even non divine vritras, avarnas etc. Belief in this divine concept will make a person love the entire mankind. A firm belief can lead to harmony, cooperation, love, respect and equality amongst  all religions, sexes, caste, creed etc.
The deeds of the entire life and the impressions those deeds created to the manifested soul before leaving the body follow the individual in the next birth.
Tao Te Ching appears more like a Vedic rsi or seer when he says, " knowing others is wisdom, knowing self is enlightenment. Seek within and know thy self". How closely he resembles Socrates?
Sankracharya has explained the concept of transmigration of soul for human beings as the continuous movement of the wheel. According to him actions both enjoined and prohibited by scriptures bring about one's connection with the body. Whenever the body performs any action, pleasure and pain follow resulting in attraction or repulsion, from which further action follows relating to love or hatred. The ignorant person having only material and intellec­tual knowledge considers both the merits and demerits of such ac­tions. This merit and demerit is followed similarly by connection with body and the "wheel of sansara" continues. The individuals trapped in this "wheel" with continuous motion do not know where to stop an action. The sense of discrimination between right or wrong, good or bad, virtue and evil gets blurred. Transmigratory existence is thus going on continuously for ever like a moving wheel and so the human Kar­ma, thoughts and desires. Only after getting Vedic knowledge what he describes as Vidya, one can get out of this wheel.
Parapsychological Research
Hindus by and large accept reincarnation and transmigration of soul as all their scriptures from Vedas to Tantras refer to these. Inspite of this many Hindus still do not know that in their next birth a Hindu could be reborn in the families of Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhist or other religions and a male could be reborn as female and vice versa. Also in their previous births/ lives they could have been belonging to other religions, sex, region or country. There are a large number of recorded and unrecorded cases of small children mostly between the ages of 3 to 5 years remembering their previous births. Dr Ian Stevenson of the Virginia University and a renowned para psychologist is of the firm opinion that rebirth is a serious possibility. Many others having belief in occult, arcane and mysticism agree with such findings.
Dr Stevenson studied a few hundred cases out of 2700 brought to his notice. These cases relate to India, Burma, Pakistan, West Asia, Africa, Europe and America. Most of the children who knew their previous births were below six years. His study showed that after six years the memory of previous birth starts fading. In one case researched by an occult scientist, police could solve a murder mystery as the child in his new birth remembered all the events leading to murder and finally the murderer was arrest­ed and punished after a few years of the crime.
One child of a Sikh family of Peshawar (now in Pakistan) at the age of three years sud­denly started insisting to go to Afghanistan where he said that his wife and children lived. The parents ignored it as hallucination and did not take him to Afghanistan. In 1947 when Pakistan was created out of Indian Territory, the parents shifted to Ambala City. The child still insisted to see his wife and children of his previous birth. He gave full details of location of the house, articles lying in a particular almirah, name of his wife and children of his earlier birth. Though the child was never taken there, the facts were got verified by the par­ents and found to be mostly correct. After the age of about 5 years the child started forgetting all the memories of his previous birth. 
After that his growth was just like a normal child and at young age he opted for a noble teaching profession.
Dr. Stevenson after studying a large number of cases had observed that most of the children who had memory of previous births had met with a violent death. He confirmed that he verified many such claims with the postmortem reports of the victim in his her previous birth. He also observed cases of sex changes and in Burma over 25% of the cases, the children claimed they belonged to the other sex in their previous births. However, he agreed that out of 2700 recorded cases many were hoax. He is of the opinion that number of such cases could be more as many families do not inform and the cases go unnoticed by the researchers. Many parents feel that more probing could affect the future life of their children who remember complete details of their previous life. Irrespective of Dr. Stevenson's study and research, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and Jains have belief in reincarnation. However, Muslims, Christians and many others do not give any importance to this kind of para-psychological research, inspite of the fact that metaphysics of Socrates, Plato and Pythagorus did mention about the immortality of soul and reincarnation. Pythagorus claimed that he knew all his previous a number of births.
For more details please peruse Glimpses of Vedic Metaphysics Chapter 7 on Website
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