A Few Vedic Teachings/Guidelines/Thoughts for the welfare of mankind

Subject: A few Vedic Teachings, Guidelines and Thoughts for the welfare of mankind

1.When Soul (Atma) was provided to human beings Vedas were revealed (Atharva Veda). Human soul contains the entire knowledge of Vedas. It is Vachispatiah- one can communicate with  human soul if you follow Rta- (Cosmic Laws of Necessity)
2. Having created these RTA even God follows these sternly lest great harm is done to Thy Grand wondrous Design. (Rig Veda)
3. Rtam Satyam Dharmmam- Laws of God are eternal truth (satyam) and following these Laws (Rtam) is Vedic Dharma.
4.Rtam Satyam Vijnani- Cosmic Laws of Necessity are eternal truths and finding these Rtam is Vijnani (Knowledge)
5. Purpose of Human birth is to assist Vishwakarma in the maitenance of thy Grand wondrous Design (Rig Veda)
6.O: God give me Wrath against social criminals, fake gurus, non divine people (Avarnas) and wake me up from the deep slumber of insensitivity (Rig Veda)
7. Physical Sciences of matter with unsuspected vitality are important for the welfare of mankind but Scientific Temper is more important (Rig Veda).
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