All the four Varna not based on Birth

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Subject :The origin of divine four varnas- not based on Birth
Rig Veda 1-113-6, X-90-11 and 12, Y.V. 31-11 and A.V. 19-6-6 explain the origin of four Varna to formless and ineffable Brahman. HE is described as the entire universe visible to the eyes and all other subtle worlds invisible to the eyes, where six communities of divine people, like angels, pitries, gandharvas, karma devas etc., live. Heaven is His head, Sun and Moon are His eyes, the entire universe is His body and the earth is His feet. Brahmin varna is born from His mouth which symbolically represents the heaven. This divine varna was created to spread Brahmajnan- Vedic metaphysics amongst all members of society. Bhagavad-Gita in verse X-32 says, the science of soul or metaphysics is the supreme science. Rig-Veda 6-75-10 mentions that a Brahmin is the knower of God and Vedas. Since the origin of this varna is from heaven- the kingdom of God, which is the place of bliss and supreme knowledge, the followers of this divine profession are to spread Brahma’s knowledge amongst others and bring heavenly conditions i.e. the City of God on this earth.
 The human senses and sense organs like eyes, etc. can visualize and even see with the help of scientific instruments the entire gross universe which is the manifestation of the subtle divine Nature and is extremely powerful, disciplined and benevolent. Nature and the ever-expanding universe and cosmos are mentioned in the Vedas as part of His formless body. 
Symbolism to the various parts of His Body continues in the Vedic hymns. Kshatriya varna is born from the most powerful shoulders of God. This varna has men and women of great strength who are extremely powerful and benevolent. Their divine duty is to destroy all evil and corruption in society. The individuals belonging to this divine profession are rulers, defence services officers, commander-in-chief, bureaucrats, scientists, technicians etc. (Rig Veda.5-69-2). Their main duty is to protect the people belonging to other three varna and ensure a corruption free society. All monarchs, kings, queens and elected Presidents are Kshatriyas. 
However, if a ruler’s son is not virtuous or incompetent he is not entitled to rule the state or country (R.V. 4-19-9). The ashvinaus (scientists) can be both men and women of absolute self-control with scientific outlook (R.V.1-3-4). Kshatriyas are advised to take Soma drink for vigour and energy (R.V 4-45-3). Soma drink is some kind of red coloured herbal drink, which is slightly intoxicant and should be taken with milk or curd.
It is the Mother Earth, which renders selfless service to all animate and inanimate life. Vedic hymns describe the Earth as the feet of the God. Shudra varna is born from the Earth and the members of this Varna based on ability, merit and aptitude render selfless service to other three divine professions. Since all parts of the body are equally important and they help each other for a healthy body, so all these divine Varna should assist, cooperate and sustain each other for achieving an ideal society.
Mandla 10, suktam 90 of Rig-Veda describes the followers of Shudra varna as good at unskilled work, of good physique, handsome and of high character. In the universe, all planets, stars and others perform their allotted task silently and gracefully and it is difficult to say which parts of the gross universe and subtle Prakrti are more important.
The above social scheme of Chatvar Varna Ashram is of divine origin being born of the Body of God. Rig-Veda 10-90-12 has a prayer "O, God give luster to Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaish and Shudra and to me." The basis of Vedic social grouping or Varna is pursuit of divine professions with Dharma and Rta (R.V 10-90-12, AV. 19-6-6, Y.V 31-13 and 17 and Br. Up 1-4-11 to 14). The individuals pursuing these four divine professions while following Rta and Dharma can eat and drink together. They can marry amongst themselves. In the society they are co-workers for prosperity and should make riches flow (AV 1-15-2, 4).
Thus individuals belonging to chatvar varna ashram form an egalitarian society and serve each other. All these four varnas (divine professions) are ordained by God. The fifth non divine Avarnas , Vritras Kimidin are not ordained by God. Thus there are five classes dealing with different professions –four divine and fifth non- divine. Marplots, sorcerers, bribe takers and givers, exploiters, evil minded people form Avarnas. (R.V 1-76-3, 1-191-8, 2-14-3). They are not ordained by God. Being dambhi purush (sycophants and hypocrites) they aim at honour, power and wealth and pretend as servants of the people. The terms used in Vedas for five classes is panch kshatinam, panch manavis etc.
Vedas had also visualized that material prosperity alone may turn a number of individuals into avarnas, vritras and other evil minded people, resulting in lack of transparency, corrupt practices and make an ideal state and open society into a perverted state and closed society (R.V.1-191-8, 1-28-4 and 24, 1-76-3, 2-14-3, 4-9-9).
 A few other relevant references are given below:
Female Gurus (preceptors) are mentioned in R.V 3-33-1 to 3 and can teach Vedic metaphysics to students.
Kashtriya Queens who have studied under the Vedic Education system up to the age of 24 years should take the role of protecting the subjects/citizens During the war if the king dies or injured. She can take the help of the Commander-in-Chief. (R.V 6-75-3 to 15)
Women can attend Vidhta and Sabha (religious and political assemblies (R.V 10-85-26, 42 to 47)
There are many other mantras/riks about women studying Vedas. Gargi, Godhra, Lopmudra and many others were the renowned Vedic Rsikas of yore.
Kvaish Aylush, maharsi Valmiki, Vyas became Brahmins though born in other Varnas.
From the above it is apparent from Vedas that four divine Varnas are not by Birth and women and all Varnas can study Vedas. Even non divine Avarnas can move towards Varna by studying Vedas and following their teachings/guidelines.
For more details kindly see chapter “Vedic Society” in Glimpses of Vedic Metaphysics” on Internet. Website OR through search engines of;;
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